Unexpected Evening Plans

Once upon a time there was a freezer that was full of 100 pounds of donated hamburger. And then, it came to supper time one night, when Audrey was going to make a delicious meal, featuring the aforementioned hamburger.

As she opened the freezer, she noticed it... Blood. An odor. Then, Audrey turned dramatic. No, it was not a murder. It was something worse....

The freezer had shut off. So, she called 911 (aka her mom). "Is it possible to rescue hamburger, Mommy?!"* Mommy replied: "I don't know." 911 failed.

Audrey turned to the second best 911-- Google. Google told her that if hamburger is brought to 160 degrees (Fahrenheit) it is perfectly safe. 911 #1 then called back and said that hamburger can be browned in the oven, as well as on the stove.

So, on with the apron, and off with Audrey's fear of raw, red, bloody meat.

With Erica as back-up, the next two hours were spent browning around 60 pounds of hamburger, and re-bagging around 30 pounds.

Now, we have browned meat for at least 1 re-entry. Sorry July- you get sausage!!!**

*Audrey never calls her mom "Mommy." That was for dramatic effect.

**Stefan will also be eating sausage all throughout May.


  1. Please save some hamburger for us!

  2. I hope that we get some hamburger... Please Santa some hamburger for us...

  3. So, I (Beth) just read this entry - and we will leave the sausage for Stefan. Spain team says: We have eaten actual hamburger ONCE since we got to Spain - but we've eaten plenty of salchica - so we WELCOME ground beef...Sorry China...ya'll might just be out of luck...:-)