Building A Garden Box

Yesterday evening Andy, Jacki and Audrey worked together to build an awesome garden box, which we will use to plant some veggies to suppliment our food budget here. They did an awesome job, different stages of which were captured on camera. There's a couple of videos too, which might be added at another time. :)
So here are the pictures showing what all transpired last night.

Andy measuring the boards. The boards came from Audrey's parents, which was a huge blessing.

Jacki got to use the nail gun, which she was proud of. :) Here she is nailing the ends of the box together.

Now it's Audrey's turn to use the nail gun. They shared the responsibilities of putting together the pieces.

And here is the end put together.

After cutting all the pieces and putting the ends together, they lifted them up onto the roof, where the plants will be growing.

Ben helped them put the pieces together on the roof. Here one side is done and the other is getting put on. After they were done the flipped it and nailed down the bottom of the box.

After it was put together Audrey, Ben and Jacki pretended to sail it away. :)
Now all we need is to put the rubber lining in, and fill it with top soil. Then we'll be able to plant the tomatoes, spinach and lettuce we got the other night. I think the plan is also to plant some green peppers.

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