Who Wants FREE Pizza?!?

So, there we were. All alone at HDC. Only Jacki and Audrey. (We think. The timing's a little fuzzy, so Ben might have been around, too. But, we know that Erica wasn't here because she was in the air.) And so, we had a photo shoot. Kinda. We tried. Jacki's not good at jumping, and not so good at the whole lighting thing. Audrey sometimes makes funny faces. But, the trees-- gorgeous, regardless of the people with them.

Jacki's "jumping"

Audrey's "acrobatizing" (Ben helped us with that alliterative word)

Friday evening we all returned to the Mansion, just in time for.... Dun dun da!! Community clean-up day, in 72 degree weather :) We gathered 98 bags of trash on 14th street alone. While working, we were visited by the Patriot's "finest" photographer. And when we say finest, we mean least social. But, he had a really sweet camera, with amazing lenses (according to Audrey, since as mentioned above, Jacki doesn't really know anything about cameras).

After a long morning of sweating to make Allison Hill beautiful for spring, we were treated to free Angels pizza :) We thought of all of the fall participants as we were enjoying that cheesy goodness. And even though we won't have the money to treat all of you to pizza when you return... keep reading to find out how there could be free pizza in store for you, too.

So, then there was today. We were a little sleepy but wanted fresh air, so we took our Sunday afternoon nap in the park. Now, this park also features nude statues of people playing with children. Being good Christians, we decided to take Jesus literally and clothe the naked.

Jacki helping the poor man
The perfect "mother-to-be" photo announcement*

Trying out the self-timer on a not very wide wall

Now, here's what you've been waiting for. The way to free pizza. The first participant/team leader from fall training '08 to answer the following questions correctly** wins... Angel's pizza.
1. Why were we out on the street from midnight-1AM in our pajamas?
2. How many matching articles of clothing do Audrey and Jacki now possess?

*NOTE: Jacki is NOT in the way of Jenny Kipe (We love you Jenny!)
**In case of no correct answers, the most creative answer wins


  1. 1. Well at first we thought that maybe Audrey had woken up hungry in the middle of the night and decided to make a little midnight snack and in the process had set the kitchen on fire, but we knew that wasn't true because Audrey sleeps like a rock and theres no way that even hunger would have woken her up...then we thought that perhaps Jackie had stabbed herself with a crochet needle, but then we realized that a crochet needle is not a real needle its only (in the words of Ryan and Ben) a "cheater-hook". So now we know that the real reason you were out on the street is because Ben and Ryan (Pinky and the Brain) had this brilliant idea for everyone to go out on the street for one hour at midnight simply so that they could ask the question, "why were we out on the street from midnight - 1am in our pajamas?"

    2. 5 matching articles