Delayed Post #3-- Other Happenings

One of my (Jacki) favorite times since coming on staff: the May post-field!

As an extrovert, I was super excited to have a house full of people again. As a staff member, I felt so privileged to be able to see what God had been doing in people's lives over the last 6ish months.

One night, we all went to a Senator's game. The mascot sure did fall in love with Gina...


In other random news, Audrey and I put henna in our hair. It continues to fade, and I'm not sure cameras can really capture the difference any more.

A while back, we finished our garden box!

Here we are, in the basement, wearing our gardening hats and finishing up the staking system for the tomatoes.

Putting it all together on the roof.

I was going to take a picture this afternoon of the plants (the lettuce and spinach just really sprouted up in the last few days, and all of the tomato plants have flowers), but a hailstorm discouraged that. Maybe another time...

Delayed Post #2-- Staff Retreat

After Easter break, there was corporate ACTION week at EMM headquarters.
After ACTION week, there was staff retreat.
We traveled to Virginia, to a campground where my (Jacki) Grandma and Great-Aunt own a few lots. We were really busy...



...catching turtles...
We also went swimming, read books, had fun on golf carts, played "Rate Your Mate," and ate lots of food. I think it's safe to say that fun was had by all. Or, at least, I sure did enjoy myself!

LtoR, Front: Jacki, Gabe, Katie, Abby, Cheryl, Jan, Erica, Audrey

LtoR, Back: Ben, Chris, Andy, Lydia

Delayed Post #1-- Contest Answers and Other Things

And now, for all 5 of you who read this blog, it's time for the correct answers to the "contest" on our last blog post :)

1) Why were we out on the street from midnight- 1AM in our pjs?

So, there we were. All in our beds. Audrey and I (Jacki) were talking about how we really should stop talking and go to bed. And then.... SCREECH... CRASH BANG BOOM! We both jumped out of our beds, and looked out the window and saw... nothing. So, we got back in bed, trying to guess what had just happened. A little while later, we heard a big truck outside the house-- yup, a firetruck. So, like good residents of Allison Hill, Erica, Audrey, and I went outside to investigate and to talk to all of our neighbors.

From what we could gather, either a car swerved to miss a pedestrian or hit a pedestrian. The car then proceeded to barrel into a car innocently parked on the curb. Not only did it hit the car, it pushed the car up onto the sidewalk, and almost into a house. Then, the driver thought it would be a good idea to run away, leaving 2 injured persons (either 2 passengers, or 1 passenger and the pedestrian).

So, we stood outside on the street with Becky, Cheryl, Danny, Becca, Derek, the Probsts, and the rest of the residents of South 13th St; gossiped about what was happening; got too close to where the paramedics were putting the people on stretchers; watched as a car decided to pull up behind one of the fire trucks and HONK for a few minutes (what part of that seems like a good plan? Do you really think a firetruck is going to get out of the way for you, mister?); and then went back to bed :)

2) How many matching articles of clothing to Jacki and Audrey now possess?

I think the latest total put us at 10. (But, that will be going up to 11 next week! Thanks Erica's mom!)

Below is proof of our matching abilities. We made quite a splash at the team presentations in this outfit, and inspired others to look alike :)

CONGRATULATIONS to the Honduras team for their answers. They were treated to Angel's pizza during their post-field.

And now, some random pictures of things we've been up to since our last blog post.
The three of us girls, along with Jan, Katie, and Sandy completed an amazing Beth Moore Bible study about the tabernacle. Beth was the speaker at the National Day of Prayer in Lancaster, so Sandy, Audrey, Erica, and I took a field trip to hear Beth speak in person.

Sandy, Audrey, and Jacki waiting for Beth to come out. (If you want to see pictures of Beth that day, feel free to ask Erica. She was acting a bit like a lovestruck teenager at a boy band concert and taking lots of pics. Love you, Erica :))
We actually made a decision one night, and went and played mini-golf. During our game, we each won a token for the arcade, so for the price of 21 holes of mini-golf we got:
21 holes of mini-golf
1 game of skee-ball
1 lolly-pop

Ben winning mini-golf.

We also did some travelling. We are really good road-trippers now (and if anyone would like to donate some money to Audrey and Jacki for a road trip, we would accept it...) We went to Ohio and Indiana during one trip, and stopped at Lehman's Hardware for a little break before hitting the road. Quite the eventful store, lemme tell ya. No pictures of Ben setting off the Emergency Exit alarms exist, and Blogspot can't capture the sound of the lady in the bathroom who thought the fire alarm was going off and was stuck in her stall, so, this will have to do:

I'm sure you're all disappointed: we got out.

More pictures to come in the very near future....