Delayed Post #3-- Other Happenings

One of my (Jacki) favorite times since coming on staff: the May post-field!

As an extrovert, I was super excited to have a house full of people again. As a staff member, I felt so privileged to be able to see what God had been doing in people's lives over the last 6ish months.

One night, we all went to a Senator's game. The mascot sure did fall in love with Gina...


In other random news, Audrey and I put henna in our hair. It continues to fade, and I'm not sure cameras can really capture the difference any more.

A while back, we finished our garden box!

Here we are, in the basement, wearing our gardening hats and finishing up the staking system for the tomatoes.

Putting it all together on the roof.

I was going to take a picture this afternoon of the plants (the lettuce and spinach just really sprouted up in the last few days, and all of the tomato plants have flowers), but a hailstorm discouraged that. Maybe another time...

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